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Neverland Valley Ranch Lollipop

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This candy is part of a gift bag set that was given to Neverland Ranch guests and visitors during the years 1992-2003.

Michael created this land of magic to let children dream for 1 day; he usually invited many children with their parents and friends and let them enjoy among others at the amusement park, the huge zoo, full of exotic animals and reptiles too, a movie theatre where he played his favorite movies or those that were available at normal theatres at that time, and an arcade game.  Pictures weren't allowed and every visitor had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose what he/she had seen inside.

It was a very joyful and magical empire where kids and adults could live their childhood and forget ordinary lives as if they entered into a Magic Wisdom.  The Ranch was provided also with a nursery and an intensive care room, where very ill children could be taken there to pass a better day and being cared  for at the same time.

To do so, many charity organizations, such as 'Make A Wish' Foundation and various children's hospital associations selected some children in need randomly. They were taken there through the service of some vans sent directly from Neverland to the main areas of Los Angeles. Of course, not only US children were invited, but from every corner of the world, thru random competitons spread on media too.

After 2003, all this magic world seemed to have an end because Michael didn't desire to live there anymore, because he didn't feel this place was a home anymore.

For more information on this piece of memorabilia, see the full listing.


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