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Last revised September 9th, 2011

General Questions About Our Web Site

The memorabilia items located in the main section of our web site (accessible via “Search By Category” and “Search By Era”) are for display purposes only.  One of our main goals in building this site is to create a permanent and extensive virtual showcase of MJ memorabilia from all of the world as a resource for collectors. The problem with sites like Ebay and the other various “marketplaces” on the internet is that they only serve to sell items, and when those items are sold, they are quickly removed from the site.  Based on how this site is structured, we think it can eventually grow to 100,000 memorabilia items…and even much more.  Don’t you think it would be an awesome resource to have a permanent web site filled with pictures and details of thousands of MJ collectibles, sorted and searchable by specific category? We do too!

Our site opened for a month of beta-testing in February, 2011, and officially opened on March 1st.  Aside from creating an extensive virtual showcase, we hope this site inspires a “community” of MJ collectors who look to this site as a resource for official memorabilia from every era of MJ’s career, and use our site to network with each other.  For many years now we have wanted to create an alternative to the now familiar and robotic “Buy It Now” way of buying and selling off Ebay, which has grown much more expensive in recent years.  So one of our hopes is that this site inspires the long lost practice of trading, which is something us collectors used to do “B.E.” (Before Ebay)! And finally, the most important goal of all…HAVE FUN!! This is YOUR site.  It will grow as fast and become whatever it is you want it to be, so we hope that many of you decide to embrace that and run with it!

No.  This site is being developed by a couple of independent “dinosaur” MJ collectors who have wanted to develop a web site of memorabilia for other MJ collectors for many years now.  We are in no way associated with any outside entity, nor do we have a desire to be.

Perhaps the more correct question should be “do we earn a profit from this web site”, and the answer would be “no”.  Just producing the “beta” version of this web site has cost us several thousands of dollars of our own money, and both of us had to sell numerous items from our own collections (reluctantly) just to fund that.  Any donations and purchases received from our members are purely voluntary and will be used to cover the administrative and hosting costs of running this web site.

You can email us or post to this thread.  At this time, we are especially interested in someone with PHP programming skills that can help us maintain the site in their spare time.  Experience with Joomla (and/or VirtueMart) would be a huge plus.  We are always looking for part time graphic designers and artists, volunteers to help us promote our site, and people to help us build and edit content, especially for our “memorabilia” section.  If that sounds like you, contact us and come join in the fun of helping build our web site! 

No, unfortunately we don’t have the financial means to do so.  Our staff is comprised of "volunteers", meaning no one receives any monetary compensation of any kind apart from being listed as a contributor on our Site Credits page, as well as additional storage resources on our web site, email account, etc.  Hopefully this, along with the satisfaction that you are contributing some of your spare time to an important project, is its own reward.


Everyone who registers on our site is automatically entered into all of our random drawings.  The winners are announced on our site after each drawing, and are contacted by email (using the email address they have registered with us).

Each giveaway winner is chosen randomly from all registered members using random.org's "Sequence Generator", a scientifically randomly generated sequence of numbers in any given population.  For example, if we have 1,123 registered members, we will plug in the number “1123” and the sequence generator will return a complete list of all the integers within that population.  The very FIRST number in that string, will be the winning member.  Each member is automatically signed an ID# in the order in which they register for our site.  You can see your “Member ID#” by visiting your Profile.   MJJCollectors.com admin and staff are NOT eligible to win.  Therefore, in the unlikely event that one of them comes up as the first number in the string, the member with the 2nd number in the sequence as their ID will be the winner, and so on.             

The content on this site is provided from a "collector's" standpoint, as there are collectors who collect tabloid papers as part of their collections.  As some of you know, prior to 1993, there were several very well done "full cover" features provided on MJ in various tabloid papers, especially during the Thriller and early Bad Era in the USA.  The inclusion of tabloids and any other content on this site in NO WAY represents the views of any of us here at MJJCollectors! If you find some (or all) of the content in the tabloids section offensive (as many of us do), please don’t visit that particular section of the web site.

When we first started setting this site up, we decided to base the “Era” select around the release date of the record (or CD) and not on the period the material was originally recorded.  Meaning, that items released up through mid-1976 would be J5 Era. And items that were released from 1987-1990 would be “Bad Era”, even if they were Motown J5 era related CDs or albums. For example, this Japanese “Ben” CD was released in 1987, so we have it as “Bad Era”, as opposed to J5 Era (since the recording was originally made in 1972).  And likewise, “Farewell My Summer Love” is listed as Thriller Era, “One Day In Your Life” is listed as Jacksons/OTW Era, and this “Early Years” box set is listed as “This Is It” Era.

However, records are still grouped by “J5 Motown” and “MJ Motown” categories regardless of the year they were released/re-released.  And CDs, which are currently not segmented into separate categories by artist (MJ, J5, Jacksons, etc.) have an “Artist” field which we hope will be searchable in the future.  That will allow you to search for “Artist=Jackson Five”, regardless of the year the CD was released.

The sole exception to this rule (so far) is that “Captain EO Tribute” items from 2010 are listed as “Era=Captain EO” instead of “This Is It Era”.  The reason for this is that “Captain EO” is really more of a “memorabilia category” than an Era based around a time period, and so it didn’t seem to make any sense to have “EO” stuff in any other category than EO.

The “MJJ Collectors” watermark logo is an automatic feature of the software we use, and is added to every image as soon as it uploaded to our web site.  Please note that although nearly all of the pictures and scans of memorabilia items already on our site were made by the owners of this web site, this mark is NOT A COPYRIGHT (there is no "©" in front of our domain name).  The logo is for advertising purposes only, indicating the image originated from and is being hosted by our web site.  If you want to add pictures of your collection to our site without having them marked with our logo, add them to the “My Photos” section of your Profile.

Yes...BUT only if proper credit is given with a link back to our site (www.MJJCollectors.com).  Images watermarked with our logo may NOT be cropped or covered.  If you post them to other sites or boards, please ensure our watermark is visible, or if it is brought to our attention, we will ask you to remove them.

This is a function of our auto-watermarking tool.  The only way to save these images is to do a “screen cap” of them.  Again, please do not crop or cover our watermark from any downloaded images.


Absolutely, we would like to do banner exchanges with any MJ related site on our Partners page.  If you have an MJ related site and you would like to exchange banners with us, please email us.  We support banners of 234x60 and 88x31 and will offer your site the same sized banner on our site you can offer to us.

FAQ's on MJJCollectors.com Site Features

There are several ways to search the memorabilia section of our site.  The first is to use the main navigation to search by memorabilia category and narrow your search down from there.  You can also search by “Era” (located under the “Search By Era” on the left), and view all of the category matches within each era.  For example, maybe you will want to do a search for all Bad Era magazines, simply select "Bad Era" and then click on "View All Results For Bad Era Magazines." There you are! And, if you are looking for a very specific item, the best way is by using our “Advanced Search” feature.  For example, let’s say you are looking for the promo 7” of “Someone In The Dark” and know the catalog# is S45-1786.  Just enter that into advanced search and there you go! Should the links not be clickable in your search results, simply rerun the same search by clicking the black “Search” button again.

You will find most of the normal features you would expect from an online community: Forums, a fully featured Profile (with “Friends” connections, Facebook integration, private messaging, a personal photo album for pictures of your collection, etc.), Blogs, a Shop, an Auctions page, and an MJ Marketplace we are building for items you will be able to buy and sell from other members.  Collectors can also learn the HIStory of many Featured Collectibles which we will be writing about, and an archive of Collecting Tips that we hope will grow to be a valuable resource.  You can also use our site to create your own virtual collection, and help us build what we hope will become the largest virtual showcase of MJ memorabilia on the planet!

We have set up an RSS feed that is updated with new items added to our site in real time.

There are two easy ways to create your own "virtual collection" on our site.  The first way is to register and then browse our site and click the link “Add To My Collection” on any listing’s page, or the “Got It” link on the category pages.  This will add the item to “your collection”, which is attached to your Profile.  We hope to enhance this functionality to allow you to search and neatly categorize your collection on our site.  For those items that you have which are NOT yet on our site, why not add them? It’s easy, and those items will automatically be attached and linked to your profile!

Please post them to this Forum thread and someone will reply to you there.

We have an import tool that can facilitate bulk uploading of content, depending on what format your collection is in.  Please email us and we will be happy to provide further information.

Yes! It’s free and we encourage you to take advantage of it.  To start your blog, simply visit your Profile or click directly to your Blog Dashboard and click “New Blog”.

Anything that is related to collecting, from why, when, and how you got started, your favorite items (or eras) to collect, your very first collectible, your most prized collectible(s), general collecting tips, and anything else that you think would be helpful, informative, or entertaining to other members.  In other words…the HIStory of your collecting! If we feel your blog is a valuable resource for our members and you update it periodically, we will feature it on our site’s “Featured Blogs” page.

Yes, we would love to see those.  You can add pictures to your Profile by clicking “My Photos” and uploading them there.

Currently the owners of this site are the only ones able to place listings on the Auction page.  If you would like to list an auction item on our site, email us at auctions@mjjcollectors.com, and we can provide further info.  Perhaps in the future, members will be able to place their own listings, but this will require some complex coding (and a large financial commitment), so it is not feasible at this time.  For now, the owners reserve the right to “end auction early” on any item, and relist an item(s) by extending the auction date for any given item.  To place a bid, simply click “Bid Now” for any item, fill in your bid amount (in US dollars) and click “Bid Now” to confirm your bid.  You will receive an email confirming your bid, and another if someone outbids you.  

Currently, the “Review” system works like a “Product Review” where you rank that particular item and then leave a written “review” of that item.  The system we use (VirtueMart based) does not allow a member to put in multiple reviews for the same item at this time.  However, perhaps a future upgrade of the program will address this.

The MJJCollectors.com newsletter includes info on new and upcoming memorabilia releases, special offers exclusive to our members, and other new articles or blog entries on our site we think will be useful for our subscribers.  The HTML newsletter comes out approximately once a month, and is sometimes supplemented by a “text only” email depending on how much “news” there is to report at any given time.  You can always “unsubscribe” if you ever feel our newsletter is no longer useful for you to receive.  You can subscribe by providing your name and email address on the left panel of our home page or clicking the "MJJCollectors News" box on our Registration page.

We do not offer any premium memberships at this time.  If you would like to support our site, please click the Pay Pal “Donate” button on the left panel.

Yes.  In our Collector’s Forums.

General Questions About Collecting

It’s true that the values and associated demand of MJ collectibles are now at an all time high, as evidenced by recent auctions held by auction houses such as Julien’s.  This is particularly so for items such as autographs, personal belongings (i.e.: stage worn clothing, personal artwork, etc.), and the memorabilia from the “Neverland” collection.  However, using comparable music legends such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles as the standard, personal memorabilia auctioned relating to icons of this stature has not only held its value, but continues to rise many decades after they’ve stopped making music.

Our first course of advice on this is...KEEP THEM.  They are very special souvenirs and if/when you ever have to sell them, you could very well regret it later on! However, should you decide to sell these items, we are well connected with a couple of the prominent auction houses who specialize in selling rock ‘n roll related memorabilia.  For a rather modest commission, we will help ensure you get the highest possible price for your valuables.  Email us with what you have and any provenance or COAs (Certificates of Authenticity), if you have them, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details. 

In general terms, a “bootleg” is a fake or pirated reproduction of something that is official, usually with the intent to deceive that it is actually official.  For example, these sandals.  The bottom pair is the officially licensed original version, and comes with a tag “1984 Triumph International”.  The top pair is the pirated version, made to look official even though they are clearly cheaply made reproductions.  Perhaps the best example of items often pirated is the Smile CD and 12” single releases.  Because of their value and rarity, many bootlegged reproductions exist, and it is often difficult (or impossible) to tell by looking at them over the internet which of them may be legitimate.

During the 1983-84 Thriller era, a massive amount of “Made In Taiwan” bootleg material flooded the American marketplace.  These cheaply made items were often lower quality reproductions of official material, and were much quicker to market than their official counterparts.  Jewelry, buttons, wallets, hats, novelties, T-shirts, and dozens of other types of items were commonly sold in retail stores, who were often unaware of their illegitimacy.  Likewise, during the Bad era, numerous bootlegs of European origin were made to coincide with Michael’s first European solo tour.  Although many of these items may have “sentimental” and emotional value to some of us, their actual value is in question since they are unlicensed, varying quality, and there is no way to quantify in what quantity they were produced in.

“Unofficial” items are simply all items that are not officially licensed by an authorized company such as Sony/Epic, MJJ Productions, or Triumph International.  There are many “unofficial” items that may be considered collectible if they are high quality and unique in some way.  For example, in the early 1970’s there were a series of non-Motown releases on labels such as Steeltown, Dynamo, Musico, Melody Recordings, Pickwick, and Natural Resources.  Many of these releases can be debated as to if they meet the criteria for being “official”…yet many of them are sought after by serious collectors.  More recently, in 1988 a very high quality unofficial 2LP gatefold set called “Michael Jackson Live”  was released in Europe.  A recording made of a Bad Tour performance from May 29th, 1988 in Turin Italy, the set is considered to be highly collectible because it is extremely well done, and is one of the only known vinyl releases made from a solo concert.

Sometimes bootleg items are “homemade”, meaning an amateur literally “made” them (ie: slapping a picture on a T-shirt or a set of buttons, etc., etc.) in their basement for the purpose of selling over the internet.  These items are NEVER collectible, and will never increase in value.  Despite Ebay’s claim to not sell “bootlegged” material, their site is riddled with it, and we all have stories of items we bought online that we were led to believe were official, only to be disappointed when they arrived in the mail.

Yes.  Because these recordings were not released through official channels (Sony/Epic or MJJ Productions), they are unofficial bootlegs.  Typically these recordings were stolen or leaked from unauthorized (or disgruntled and/or greedy) personnel.  In some cases, these recordings may have been made by amateurs or even fans who attended the concert(s) and snuck in a recording device.  Again, these items may have sentimental or emotional value, yet they are not “collectible” because they will never increase in value.  Especially with today’s technology, these recordings can be mass produced very cheaply and in unlimited quantity.  This material should be viewed purely on the basis for what it provides in entertainment value, and what it may offer fans in unreleased footage that would be impossible to obtain elsewhere.

Although our primary goal is to build the largest virtual showcase of official MJ collectibles on the internet, you will find some “unofficial” (unlicensed) items on our site, which are labeled as such (in the field called “Release Type”).  One of the goals of this web site is to inform and educate collectors on which MJ collectibles were officially licensed and which were not, so you can form your own conclusions as to their values and if you want to add them to your collection.  The only way to accomplish this is to include some unofficial items on our site to point out that they are unofficial.  For example, several picture disk albums such as Ghosts, HIStory, Blood On The Dance Floor, Off The Wall, and many others were never officially commercially released by Epic/Sony, yet many of us have them in our collections.

In general, illegal items have cheaper, thinner, or lighter covers than their official counterparts.  You may also find misspellings and grammatical or punctuation errors, which are very uncommon among official items.  Some bootlegs that originate from China or Taiwan may have Asian characters on them.  There are several tell tale signs specific to frequently bootlegged items such as the Dutch Smile 12” single.  For example, the originals are labeled as “Side A” or “Side B” whereas fakes are labeled with “Side 1” and “Side 2”, and have “MJJ Productions” logos misspelled as “MJ productions” or “MJJ Production”, with the feet sometimes pointing the wrong way.  Always remember the caution of “caveat emptor”, and if the price of an item seems too good to be true…it probably is.  If you are unsure if an item you own or wish to buy is legit or fake, post an image of it (with its origin) to our Collectors Forum and ask someone to help you.

“Provenance” is the credibility of previous ownership that connects a memorabilia item to the performer.  Typically it applies to autographs or the personal belongings of an artist (i.e.: stage worn costumes, personal letters or artifacts, awards, etc.) Ideally, a clear photograph of the celebrity wearing, holding, using, or autographing the piece is the best form of authenticity, followed closely by a letter of authenticity from the celebrity or someone directly connected to them.  For example, a signed letter from a Motown or Sony exec, a Jackson family member or friend close to Michael goes a long way in legitimizing a piece of personal memorabilia, and hence increases the value of a piece.  

Conversely, items offered on sites like Ebay are nearly impossible to authenticate, and in most cases, you have to take the seller at his/her word that an item is legitimately what they say it is.  Proceed with caution and do your due diligence.  In the last several months, thousands of signed MJ photos, fedoras, and other items have been offered on Ebay, selling for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.  In 2004, Forbes Collector magazine reported that experts estimate 75 to 90% of autographs sold on Ebay are fakes.  “Letters of authenticity” from these sellers are usually worthless unless that person was directly connected to Michael, or can prove they received the item directly from him in person.

Most official music releases (CDs and records) will have a catalog number along with a Sony/Epic or Motown trademark (logo) on them.  You can do a search of this number on our site, as well as on the corresponding record company’s site, to see if the numbers “match.”  Generally, official merchandise (like toys, clothing, and other memorabilia) will have some type of licensing information on it. “Triumph International”, (preceded by the year of license) or the MJJ Productions “feet” logo are two of the most common indicators that an item is licensed.  

You can also find out more information based on the company that produced, manufactured, or distributed the item.  Companies such as LJN Toys, Viewmaster, Disney, Ideal, and Bravado are all companies that at one time or another have produced officially licensed MJ memorabilia.  On MJJCollectors.com, we have created a field called “Release Type”, which will tell you if a known item is “Official” or a “Bootleg.”  If you’re still not sure if an item is “officially licensed”, post it on our Forums and someone will help you.  

“Rare”, is quite simply the most overused, and hence, worthless term associated with collecting.  How many items are listed on Ebay that are NOT claiming to be “Rare!”? The word is a relative and non-specific term that could be used to describe an item that was produced in a quantity of less than 100 or more than 10,000 (or even much more).  The word “Rare” became so overused, that years ago people offering their items would then begin to describe them as “Mega-Rare!”, or any of a dozen other similar phrases.  What it boils down to is this…Don’t take the term at face value unless you can ascertain for sure just how “rare” that item really is, and if the asking price for it is in line with its actual value.  In other words, do your due diligence! If you have a question as to the rarity or value of a particular item, post it to our Forum and ask for some help.

This is a question that is usually impossible to quantify because rarely is this information publicly released.  Typically, this is only known in select cases where a limited edition has it’s number stamped on it, along with the total number produced.  For example, in the case of the “Artist Of The Decade” award, we know there were 1000 produced, because each one is numbered with the “/1000” after each number.

Generally “limited editions” are items that are somehow different or unique to the “standard issue” of an item, or the item is part of a limited production of that particular item(s).  For example, the “Another Part Of Me” UK 7” poster bag is different from the standard release of the single because it comes with a “Limited Edition Poster Bag” sleeve.  Often, the item will say right on it that it is a “Limited Edition” or “Collector’s Edition”, etc.  However, BEWARE as the phrase “Limited Edition” is becoming as overused and irrelevant as words such as “Rare” or “Vintage”.

Yes, unfortunately when an item has been played or used, or when there is something missing or damaged, the value decreases a lot. Even a mint condition item that has been unsealed loses its value a little bit compared to a sealed item.

Yes, it can be.  But not as much as a sealed copy which has never been opened.  As a general rule, if you get something while it is still sealed (never opened)...KEEP IT SEALED! If you want to open it, buy two of them. ;-)

Not at the moment. In the past, some important collectors tried to publish some catalogs, full of CDs, records (7" and 12") and various merchandise, but they stopped after a while because the work was endless, considering how many items were released along these years.  We hope this web site eventually fills this void by presenting a permanent, comprehensive, and constantly updated collection of CDs, records, and other official collectibles released in every country starting from the J5 era to current releases.

There are currently no plans for us to publish anything outside of this web site.  However, depending on the interest and overall response to this site, other projects could be possible in the future.  Unfortunately, a book (or series of books) on MJ collectibles would represent a significant time and financial investment that isn’t feasible for us in the foreseeable future.

A promo CD or record is generally issued by the record company (i.e.: Epic/Sony, Motown, etc.) for use by a radio station to play on their airwaves.  When vinyl records were still being played by radio stations, promo records often had a white label, hence the abbreviation “WLP” (white label promo).  Generally, these records or CDs are “stamped” or contain printing such as “For Promotional Use Only”, "Not For Sale", or “Advanced/Demo Copy”.  

Advance pressings of records or CDs used for promotional purposes can at times become very valuable (such as the radio promo CD “Taste of Invincible”).  Very generally speaking, promo items are worth more than commercial items since they are usually produced in much smaller quantities. 

Any legitimate promo issued through record companies such as Epic/Sony and Motown should be “official”.  However, often times you can find words such as “Promo Only—Not For Sale” on bootleg CDs, for example.  Therefore, not all items labeled as “For Promotional Use Only” are actually “official”.

Specific to vinyl records, an "acetate" is a test pressing of a record (7" single or 12" album), usually created in heavy lacquer vinyl or metal and produced in a very small quantity. These test pressings were used by the producers, artists, and others directly related to the recording(s) to approve or disapprove of a release before it was manufactured by the record company for the public. Generally, these records had white labels so the producer could write notes on the label denoting what the track was, its duration, and other information.  Often they contain alternate versions of the track that winds up on the album as many times minor changes are made to the recording from the acetate to what winds up on the commercial album.

Nowadays, "acetate" is the common term applied to compact discs that are pressed by the producers prior to sending the final recording(s) to the record company.  Generally, these are burned with "CD-R's" and contain printed sleeves denoting the recording, the artist, producer, and what studio the recording was made in.  Due to the nature of this process, and present technology being what it is, these "acetates" are easily (and often) bootlegged.

Ultimately (and unfortunately) the only way to ascertain a precise value to any given item or collection at any given point in time…is to sell it.  The price that the buyer is willing to pay for that item(s) is the “value” of that item on that given day.  These days, the perceived value of certain Michael Jackson items has increased far beyond their actual relative value.  The normal factors such as rarity, item condition, or “logic” are no longer the only main determinates in assessing an item’s value.  Instead, these values are often based on buyer’s emotion, which is by nature a very difficult if not impossible factor to predict or quantify.  If you have a question as to what a particular item may be worth, please pose it in our Forum and someone will try to help you.

If your collection is very valuable, consider insuring it against theft or damage as part of your homeowner’s policy, or as a separate policy, depending on its size and value.  If you cannot afford that, take digital pictures of every item, with the price you paid, where and when you bought it, and how much you paid, especially for the most valuable items.  Keep these records as accurate as you can in case you need to refer to them.

Alternatively, you may wish to safe keep some of your most expensive items, such as personal belongings (i.e.: such as tour worn jackets, very special autographed items, etc.) in your local bank safe deposit boxes.  

If you want tips on how to care for, clean, store, and display your memorabilia, we are building a section on our site called “Collector’s Tips & Links” which will serve as a knowledge base you can refer to in helping you keep your collectibles in top shape.  It is important to preserve your collection regardless of whether you will eventually pass it on to your heirs, or should you ever need to liquidate any part of it.

Records are graded according to an industry standard that was developed by Goldmine Magazine.  You can find this grading guide on our Collecting Tips page.

You can post them to the New/Upcoming Releases section of our Forum to alert other collectors!

We will be posting any such events that we hear about in the Events section of our Forum.  If you hear of an event in your area, please post it here to alert other members.

Buying, Selling, and Trading on MJJCollectors.com

First, familiarize yourself with the contents of this site by looking at the various categories of memorabilia.  Decide what areas of collecting best match your interests and budget.  For example, you may be interested in collecting only audio material (ie: records and CDs), or only toys.  Or, you may want to focus on particular eras, such as the “Bad Era”, for example.  

Once you make these decisions, you can place listings on our Collector’s Forums and Marketplace.  Learn as much as you can about the areas of collecting you want to focus on, and begin to network with other collectors to learn from them.  If you want to begin trading relationships, buy extra items when you see new ones around you, especially those that may be exclusive to your own country.  Then, you can use these items to trade with other collectors and begin to improve your own future collection.

The best way to get started is to place ads in the Collector’s Forums or Marketplace specifying what you are looking for, and, if appropriate, what you are willing to pay or trade to obtain that item(s).  You can also use the “Make Offer” link attached to every item in the main memorabilia area of our site.  This is a form that is forwarded to the owner of that item where you can inquire if they would be willing to trade or sell it.  You can build a want list by simply clicking the “Add To My Want List” link located on each item’s full listing page, or “Want It” on the category pages.  In the future, we hope to add enhanced functionality that will allow members to easily search for extra items that other members have in their collections.  Regardless of how or where you buy your collectibles, we think you will find this site an invaluable resource, especially as it continues to grow in the future.

If the item you ordered is in stock, you will usually receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number within 3 business days.  Orders are shipped from the USA or Europe, depending on the specific item ordered.  Delivery times can vary, but usually items are delivered within 7-10 business days after being shipped.  Please note, however, that once an item is shipped, we have very little control over how quickly it arrives to you.  Should you have questions on this, email us and we will do our best to help you.

Yes, aside from our Shop, we have an Ebay Store with “www_mjjcollectors_com.” Be sure to bookmark us or make us a Favorite Seller to be kept updated on our newly listed Michael Jackson collectibles! You can view our current Ebay listings here and also on our own site right here

You’ve come to the right place! There are a variety of ways you can interact with other collectors on this site.  Starting and commenting on Blogs, or posting to our Forums are probably the most common methods at this time.

We are building an MJ Marketplace on our site where collectors can buy, trade, and sell with each other.  The Marketplace will also include sellers and dealers (who are not allowed to advertise in our Forums).

If you have recently listed items on Ebay, you’re probably aware that the costs to do business has grown exponentially, especially for sellers who have seen Ebay’s listing and commission fees skyrocket in recent years.  And when’s the last time you’ve actually tried to find something on Ebay? Our MJ Marketplace is segmented by specific category, and you can buy a package of listings for as little as $5.  And MJ fans and collectors can always place free listings in our Collector’s Forums.  As our site and its membership grows, we feel there will be no better place to find or promote your MJ related collectibles than MJJCollectors.com!

Again, our main interest is to build the most comprehensive virtual gallery of official MJ memorabilia from all over the world.  We do allow some unofficial (unlicensed) items on the memorabilia section of our site, but only for informational and educational purposes.  If you advertise any unofficial items in our Marketplace (such as unofficially released concert DVDs or audios, etc.), you must clearly state that this item(s) is unofficial.  Anyone who attempts to “pass off” an unofficial, reproduced, or bootlegged item as “official” will have their listings removed and be banned from this web site.

We will attempt to mediate and take any action against who we feel is the violating party (by warning or banning them from our web site), if and when we deem it necessary. HOWEVER, MJJCollectors.com is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss or damage you incur as a result of transactions with other members or sellers on our web site.  Dealings between members on our site are AT YOUR OWN RISK, so please do your due diligence whenever possible.  Specifically, items offered in our Shop and Auctions, are currently being offered exclusively by the owners of this web site.  Items being offered via the Marketplace and Forums are being offered via third party vendors/members and are completely independent to the owners of this web site.  If you have a complaint with any member or vendor on this web site, you may email us with a brief description of the transaction, and we will attempt to mediate by contacting the member/vendor on your behalf.

After a rather *long* hiatus, we are again discovering the joys of collecting MJ memorabilia.  A lot has changed in collecting over the past 15 years especially, but the one thing that hasn’t is that it’s still fun to add new items to your collection.  We’re always looking to establish new relationships with honest and reliable trading partners.  If you have something you would like to offer for sale or trade, feel free to email us.

Other FAQ's

NO.  This site is not a personal Facebook page for “anything and everything” that involves current events pertaining to Michael Jackson.  Please keep your petitions, campaigns, rants and opinions to your Facebook, Twitter, and related accounts which are much more appropriate forums for them than our collecting site.  Many of these discussions serve to disturb or offend much more than they inform or accomplish anything of measurable value…and there is no place for it here.

You can find us here on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

Not really, however, one of the creators of this web site also started www.MJPhotosCollectors.com, which contains more than 50,000 categorized photos of Michael Jackson.  Additionally, we collaborate with several other MJ related web sites for various projects and promotions which you will see featured on our web site frequently.

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