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Celebrating Michael's Legacy With L-O-V-E...Of MEMORABILIA!!
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MJJCollectors Giveaway
MJJCollectors.com Holiday Giveaway Qualified Entrants! PDF Print E-mail



First Place=31=Shari Hunt (Gold Pants Girl)
Second Place=33=Marta Perico (Perry)
Third Place=13=Sangeeth Ekanayake (Rhilo)
Thanks to everyone who qualified. We ended up with 55 total entrants, which is WAY more than we thought we would get!! If you did not win this time, don't worry as we will do another one before too long. Also, keep in mind that you can "always" help us add items to our site and refer other MJ fans/collectors to us! To the winners, please make sure that we have your full mailing address by emailing it us as soon as you can.

Here is a list of all qualified entrants to our Holiday contest (updated daily)!

1) Cyprien Poillot (Fanatic)
2) Sebastian Izurieta (Sebaizurieta)
3) Mad Vic
4) Lars Hakoon (larshaakon)
5) Mark Erling Petersen (CaptainH)
6) Andrew Gutierrez (andrew29)
7) Natacha Rycine (lixant) 
8) Sandi O'Brien (sandiland) 
9) Tegan Ellis (teganellis) 
10) Margje Frielink (mfrielink) 
11) Lionel/Spikeytop 
12) Joanna Lazarczyk (SunflowerMJ) 
13) Sangeeth Ekanayake (Rhilo)
14) Christa Jeschke (daliljetski)

15) Radu Bascau (radu)
16) Ina Reinders (Scary)
17) Rudi Lux (1Live)
18) Jahannes The Prince (jah-annes)
19) Pia Engmann (MichaelJacksonForever)
20) Mehdi Essaid (mehdiblanket)
21) Terrence Falcone (Smooth_Criminal)
22) Britta Kuncke (Britta)
23) Agnes Spett (snoopy)
24) Aline (MJSunshine)
25) Marija Jeremijic (MarijaJ)
26) Chris Sardinas (quizchris)

27) Fabio Machado (fabiomachado)
28) Quentin Wood (Coolcrazyq)
29) Alex Ramsay (alejandro79)
30) Richard Eames (rich197428)
31) Shari Hunt (Gold Pants Girl)
32) Saskia Bos (Sunflowers)
33) Marta Perico (Perry)

34) Nikos Alepous (nfj)
35) Karin Eichler (konrad)

36) Ben Theuma (The Great Bendini)
37) Benedetta Lavezzi (Benny_MJ)
38) Frederic Grasso (dofre)
39) Lars Weinreich (Tabloidjunkie)
40) Emilie Lylloff (Milloff)
41) Holly Hummel (momof3kids)
42) Maria Barkova (MollyMJ)
43) Nicu Vidan (Nicu_mjj)
44) Dangerous Dorita
45) Debbie Jackson (DEBBIES4UMJ)
46) Guilherme Ferreira (GuiSilvaBrazilMJ)
47) Leon Camilleri (leoncamilleri99)
48) Loralee Boughton (MsSnoop)
49) Ryan Wicks (minimj)
50) Ben Scarr (Ben S)
51) Benjamin Waldron (Benin)
52) Julie Cuthbertson (Mjluv1)
53) Kina Lee (kinalee)
54) Rachel Houdas (Rachelmj)
55) Emma Walsh (emmjem) 

Congrats to all who have qualified so far and good luck! Not yet qualified? What are you waiting for?!? It's fast and easy! Just pick one of the three ways to enter listed here! Qualify today...or you ain't BAD...you ain't NOTHIN'!! LOL. ;-)

All YOU Want For Christmas Is... PDF Print E-mail

MJJ Santa

FREE Michael Jackson stuff!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!!!!!!!! *WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!*


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