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Don't Be Messin' Around...With BOOTLEGS!
Michael Jackson “Smile” (2 Track) CD Single (Austria) PDF Print E-mail


This withdrawn Austrian two track CD version of “Smile” (#665130-1) contains a 4:10 “short version” of the song, with “Is It Scary” Radio Edit (4:11). As with most items involving the cancelled commercial release of Smile, this remains one of the rarest and most sought after (and hence most bootlegged) pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia. All copies of this Austrian 2 track CD were to be destroyed, but some managed to survive. This original compact disc in excellent condition is worth $1500 (about 1140 Euro). As with the 12” vinyl single release, there are several distinguishing characteristics between an authentic and counterfeit version.

How To Recognize A Real Smile Austrian 2 Track CD From A Fake One:

Smile Real 2 Track CD1) An authentic Smile 2 track CD has a cardboard slip case (shown above and to the left) with this catalog number on the back of the outer CD case: Epic – EPC 665130 1 and bar code: 5099766513010. The CD itself has the original matrix number and stripe code in the middle of the CD ring.



Smile 2 Track FAKE CaseCounterfeit copies of the CD often come in a jewel case FAKE Smile 2 Track (Back) (front cover shown left and back cover shown right), with the tracks and text in larger characters on the back of the sleeve. The fake version of the sleeve is noticeably lighter and blurrier than the original card sleeve. This is most noticeable on the back of the sleeve with the picture of Michael and the boy, the MJJ Productions and Epic logos, and the “Blood On The Dance Floor” and “HIStory” album covers. Some fake versions even have incomplete picture sleeves (ie: incomplete or missing artwork on the back).

2) The original CD has unique and correct IFPI numbers which are etched into the inner ring of the CD. IFPI stands for The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry that represents the interests of the recording industry worldwide to combat piracy. IFPI creates a unique serial number for many official CDs, which can be found in the back of every CD (ie: the side without any printing or logos, etc.) The real CD has the following IFPI #’s: 94D7* and IFPI L552.

The first IFPI number identifies the location of the plant the CD was manufactured in (94 is the code for Austria), and D7 indicates the Laser Beam Recorder that was used to cut the master. The second IFPI number identifies the specific mold that was used to produce the CD. These two IFPI numbers cannot be counterfeited, exactly as a hologram on printed currency is used to identify authenticity.

Smile 2 Trk Fake IFPICounterfeit CDs have the IFPI numbers on the FRONT of the CD, with an incomplete and incorrect “IFPI 1.552” (as shown on left). This is the most accurate way to determine if the CD you have is an original or counterfeit.



For more info and images of a REAL Smile Austrian 2 track CD, visit our listing on MJJCollectors.com and look closely at the pictures. If you still have questions, please email laura@mjjcollectors.com.

Smile 5 Track Commercial 12" Single (Holland) PDF Print E-mail


The Smile Dutch 12” single (#6651306) is probably the most sought after record by Michael Jackson collectors. A very limited number of these records briefly reached Dutch retail stores in 1997, but were quickly withdrawn and destroyed by Sony, making legit originals very rare. Collectors are currently paying upwards of $1800 (about 1365 Euro) for this record, and demand far exceeds the very limited supply.

Seeking to capitalize on the rarity and incredible demand for this record, bootleggers began to reproduce counterfeit versions of the record in hopes of flooding the marketplace with worthless (and cheap to manufacture) copies. In fact, the Smile 12” is easily the most bootlegged Michael Jackson record in the world, and the vast majority of the listings that have appeared on Ebay are worthless fakes. Counterfeit copies of these records first appeared by 2006, and subsequent reproductions are still in heavy circulation today.

In these articles we will examine the differences between authentic and fake Smile releases for both the Dutch vinyl release and the various compact disc releases.

How To Recognize A Real Smile 12” From A Fake One:
Smile Real 12 Vinyl (Front)Housed in the fantastic “Charlie Chaplin” picture sleeve, this five track commercial release from Holland is the only known release of Smile on vinyl. The counterfeited version of this record is also very well done, but there are, however, some distinguishing characteristics between an original release and a fake one if you know what to look for. Of course, it’s easier to see these differences when you have an original Smile release next to a fake one, so we have included pictures of both the original and fake release for comparison.

1) Look closely at the bar code on the back of the record jacket. The original Smile 12” has the complete bar Smile Real 12" Vinyl (Back)code printed in high quality without broken or missing bars. If stripes on the bar code are broken it’s FAKE.

2) The original picture sleeve is noticeably clearer and darker than the fake one, which is faded and discolored upon closer inspection. This is most noticeable in Michael’s face (especially on the back) and in the images of the “Blood On the Dance Floor" and "HIStory" album covers pictured on the back of the sleeve.

Smile 12" Original3) The label on the record must have two circles, one bigger than the other. If you look closely, you notice that the original has different color tones on the label (on both sides), while the fake one is clearly a laser inkjet reprint, with a single (and lighter) colored label. The printing on the original label is also noticeably clearer than the printing on the fake label.


4) The original Smile 12” must have the matrix numbers on the record label and the vinyl, as follows: 01 Smile 12" Vinyl Fake665130 20 1A1 (Side 1) and 01 665130 20 1B1 (Side 2). These numbers are located just outside of the record label (and inside the “grooves” on the vinyl record).


For several more images of a REAL Smile Dutch 12”, visit our listing on MJJCollectors.com and look closely at the pictures. If you still have questions, please email laura@mjjcollectors.com.


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