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Jan 11

The HIStory of my collecting

Dancing Machine Posted by: Dancing Machine | Comment (2)
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One day, on late 1982, my mother came home handling a Vinyl Album, telling me that it was a gift for me: obiouvsly, you can imagine WHICH ALBUM I'm talking about!
That day I felt in love with THE ARTIST and I started my Collection buying records, magazines, memorabilia and everything I could find about him.
Year after year my Collection grew up, since I started to trade MJJ stuff with my friends all around the World.
I've followed Michael mostly around Europe, during Dangerous and HIStory Tour, even if the first concert I attended to was in Turin, on 1988.
I'm very happy to be a part of this project, being nowadays impressed by the incredible quantity of stuff existing about Michael: I hope this Site will help future generations to appreciate his Art.


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