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Dec 30

How I started to collect

MJSunshine Posted by: MJSunshine | Comment (1)
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I think I have ran through a typical collecting history. I started to buy Michael's albums and I then discovered J5 and Jacksons items. I used to cut out every little snippet from every magazine I could get. Looking at all those snippets today is very amusing for me as I remember how meticulously I did this. MJ mags, books and pictures soon became the most fascinating items for me. My first album was Dangerous on a cassette tape, then my parents bought me the HIStory CD which was the reason why we bought our first CD player. Then I bought the Moonwalker VHS tape – and we bought our first video player.

Dec 30

Bringing order into my collection

MJSunshine Posted by: MJSunshine | Comment (1)
Tagged in: Storage
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Participating in building this MJ collecting site came just in time. We started collecting Michael items in the late 80s. When we were moving in together, we were confronted with lots of items we had collected over the years and had no idea of how to store them properly. That’s why they were put into any kind of boxes, shelves and drawers. Plus, we had no idea how many and which items we exactly had in our collection as we have never made a list of it. When we were visiting other MJ fans at their home or went to a record fair, we very often had the situation that we didn’t know - do we own that already or not?


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