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Didn't set out to collect....

It started with a book,
Jan 02

Didn't set out to be a collector...

MJsEternalLove Posted by: MJsEternalLove | Comment (2)
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I was about 10 years old, one christmas back in the days when you was grateful for receiving a book for christmas. I opened a Moonwalke book bought by my Auntie, being that young i didn't fully understand the full concept of the contents. I admired the pictures more than the words. It was Michael Jackson's book' and that's all i cared about.


The next came the presents of Lps, more books and the dolls, of which i today regret ripping out of their boxes in eagerness of wanting to play with them...Now my Barbie dolls had a real boyfriend yay great lol! If only i hadn't taken MJ's clothes off to re-dress him for his night out on the Barbie bus followed by  lunch at Barbie's Starlight cafe, unfortunately my collection of MJ dolls are rather miss matched in clothing styles today.

 The grammy awards doll has his glove, his microphone, his socks, jacket, vest, loafers and his glasses but has lost his gold pants (I know, i know shocking hehehe, anyone know why the dolls came with no underwear? ):S  The gold pants are today replaced with a pair of AMA trousers, which should be on the other doll but....(would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know where i can find a pair of gold pants please).

..The other doll was once the AMA doll, unfortunatly back in the days  Michael Jackson liked nothing more than to sit with his girl on the porch of  Barbie's beach house with his Pepsi in one hand, and Barbie's hand clasping his other hand. Somewhere around this point is where MJ the AMA doll lost all his clothes and today sits with just a pair of beach shorts on. 

The other dolls i have from back in the day are 

Thriller doll complete , Bad doll  complete, BoW talking doll is still in the box due to the fact it had too many of those fiddly wires to undo,(my children takes the non singing version wherever they go) The beat it clothing and chip is still boxed too...Barbie at this time in life had been told to 'go do one' by Michael Jackson ;D ..although over the years he stayed close to the ice skating Barbie model of which is today in a box of childhood memories somewhere.

The books, and 7in Lps from 1972, 1980's and 90's  where from friends of the family and given to me long before i could understand the words,  knew how to play the records. Books, 12in Lps, dolls from 80's, some given, others presents. 12in Lp, 90's Tour merchandise and dolls, bought has presents given to me by long distant family has gifts and presents. By the time i was a teenager i had a middle sized bookcase dedicated to Michael Jackson.

The first time i bought anything MJ related was from my pocket money, i saved for a whole month and two weeks nearly to buy the double Dangerous Lp..If the lady who gave me the £2.00 i was short is out there, i haven't forgotten your generosity even 20 years later. 

Have dolls and other MJ memorabilia bought after 2009- Thriller, Billie Jean and Dangerous tour doll, playing cards,  the list continues to grow into a collection ....





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