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The HIStory of my collecting!
Dec 30

How I started to collect

MJSunshine Posted by: MJSunshine  
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I think I have ran through a typical collecting history. I started to buy Michael's albums and I then discovered J5 and Jacksons items. I used to cut out every little snippet from every magazine I could get. Looking at all those snippets today is very amusing for me as I remember how meticulously I did this. MJ mags, books and pictures soon became the most fascinating items for me. My first album was Dangerous on a cassette tape, then my parents bought me the HIStory CD which was the reason why we bought our first CD player. Then I bought the Moonwalker VHS tape – and we bought our first video player.

I'm happy to see this site growing. It will surely be a great resource for everyone interested in collecting. It's so fascinating to see how many different kind of items exist. It makes the collecting fever come to live again.

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written by Laura , January 6, 2011

Wow Aline, this reminds me something: 'cut out every little snippeet from mag' ... I did the same thing and I could recognize Michael even from a curl or a little detail coming out of a pile of dozens and dozens of magazines at various newsagents here. I always asked: 'Sir, do you have anything on MJ'? and he answered: 'Not today girl'. But my istinct said he was wrong so I just had a look at all the mags on his store and eureka! I screamed aloud: 'Eeh Michael is right there man' ! He didn't even know it since getting an average of 100-150 mags/newspapers/tabloids per day, ne couldn't recall every single mag with MJ on it. He was shocked and since then I saw there was a special link between Michael and his fans, a sort of magnet that only us can understand. The same happened in record and pharapernalia stores, full of thousands of items. There was a magic that attracted me towards a corner more than another and I always found MJ's stuff there. I knew many other fans/collectors had the same wonderful experiences that all started in our childhood.
Thanks for your work Aline!

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