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Feb 28

Why I am a Michael Jackson fan...

rachealohh Posted by: rachealohh  
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I've never really told anyone this before. But...ever since I can remember, I have loved Michael Jackson. When I was a little girl I use to cry at the sight of him on the television - the fact that it couldn't be in person. Of course as a little girl, that love was different then it is now. But the fact that someone could make a little girl feel that way, is amazing. The love I have for him now is stronger then that - every single song I hear or music video I see, reminds me of my childhood, something I can never experience again. It's the fact that he is the most caring, humble, forgiving, smartest person I've ever experienced. It's the fact that off stage is shy and innocent and when he gets on stage - he turns into a totally different person who is sexy, mysterious, dirty and known as the greatest entertainer of all time. The fact that how much love he had for every single person, thing, animal, ect. I've been a fan from the as long as I can remember - I loved him ever since I knew what love meant - til my beginning to his very "end". He really is the first person who has taught me that it does not matter what color your skin is, where you live or how much money you have. Knowing that I will never get to see one of his concerts, breaks my heart completely. - I always think....could you imagine a life with out the existence of Michael Jackson? Because I sure can't.  He has formed the style of clothing and sound of music to what it is today. If it wasn't for him, everything would be different. He changed the world and my life, forever. Even though Michael Jackson is not longer "with" us - I believe he is more alive than he's ever been before.

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written by MJSunshine , March 9, 2011

Rachealohh, thank you for your words, I absolutely agree with you!

written by starrose44 , March 6, 2011

4 words,,, ( you are not alone),,,
smilies/smiley.gif michael makes me smile even when i cannot be bothered n dont wanna speak but when i put one of his songs on,, i have to smile cos he rocks my world,,,, no pun ,, but i do mean tht from the bottom of my heart, as soon as i hear his songs my feet start tapping n before u know it im dacning all round the house,, my kids laugh at me,like omg laugh but, heyyyyy ,, i love mj always have done since i was about 8,,i couldnt imagine ever not seeing him just once in my life , it had to be done so i did it , in 92 at glasgow green, omg racheal it was sooooooooo amazinggg,, omg too much for words , the love i have for mj is beyond just a fan love its like i dno, he is such a legend, he makes me cry wen i listen to have you seen my childhood, cos tht was him tryig to explain how he was and i totally got him,,its such a sad song ,,, i wish i were famous so i cud have got to meet him in person,,i love his new album so much ,, all of his new songs r brillaint, anyway i totally understand where your coming from , and i have the same feelings, i cried so much wen he died it was like i lost a limb,, and it pretty much broke a peice of me, big love from one fan to another many more, xxxxxxxxxx

written by Laura.L. , March 1, 2011

Very beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing your story!

written by ronsweet2 , February 28, 2011

Thanks for sharing! Hope you write more!! Ron

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