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Handwritten Letter to Taiwan by Michael Jackson

Handwritten Letter to Taiwan by Michael Jackson

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Era: HIStory Era 
Release Type: Official 
Artist: Michael Jackson 
Year: 1997 


It was 24 years ago, Michael wrote this letter in the backstage of his last HIStory concert in Durban, South Africa, which also was the final show he ever had. At that time in Taiwan, we had a rumor that MJ was planning to come back to Taiwan doing three shows here, ticket starts selling and poster being advertised, seems like everything going to happen, but he didn’t come, the show was canceled. Back to 1993, Michael and Ms. Ma and her family became friends, you might see her twins daughter in the picture and video before. In 1996 till 1997, Ms. Ma’s family has joined over 20 concerts with Michael, including the South Africa trips with Michael and Lisa and Lisa’s children. October 15, she also joined the last concert in Durban, so she asks Michael in person about the concert in Taiwan, that has been canceled, and Michael was shocked to hear that news, because there isn’t a plan to do more show after that night, so Michael tear out a piece of paper, and write down “I Truly Love All Of You Taiwan's peoples. —Love, Michael Jackson 10/15/97” he asked Ms. Ma to clear-up for him with local media. Michael wanted to show that he really cares about the fan in Taiwan, he doesn’t want anyone getting swindled by those people who used his name to makes money. So this letter as a proven that Ms. Ma can show it with the media and also let us know that Michael sending love like he always does.

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