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King Of Pop HIStory World Tour Official Watch (Germany)

King Of Pop HIStory World Tour Official Watch (Germany)

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Era: History Tour 
Release Type: Official 
Year: 1996 
License: Triumph international 
Manufacturer: Ana Anakos Ltd. 
Item#: 525542 
Country: Germany 


King Of Pop HIStory World Tour Black Plastic Watch; housed in a MJ Mystery logo black box and King Of Pop logo all over the plastic wristband. If the button on the left side is pushed, the watch lights up in red.

Added By: Laura

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mjforever878  (Wednesday, 02 February 2011)

Rating: 4

I'm new here so i was wondering if i have to buy the things or do i get them for free? I know it's a stupid question but could u please tell me...

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