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Moonwalker Movie Stills (Germany)

Moonwalker Movie Stills (Germany)

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Era: Moonwalker 
Release Type: Official 
Year: 1988 
Country: Germany 


Sixteen 8"x11 1/2" "Metropol" prints from Germany, printed on high quality, glossy photographic paper.  (H=Horizantal, V=Vertical)

1) MJ dancing with ball and chain from LMA video (V)

2) MJ holding his hat from the Smooth Criminal video (V)

3) Brandon Adams from "Badder" (V)

4) MJ running from dogs in Smooth Criminal video (H)

5) Sean, Brandon, and Kellie sitting on the street from the end of the Smooth Criminal video (H)

6) MJ and Oriental woman from Smooth Criminal dancing sequence (H)

7) Sean and Brandon reaching upward as spaceship rises overhead,  Kellie is behind them (H)

8) MJ as the white car from the Smooth Criminal video (H)

9) MJ dancing with the other dancers from Smooth Criminal (H) 

10) Spaceship rising toward Mr. Big's cannon; Kellie, Brandon, and Sean on the right (H)

11) Portrait of Brandon and Sean (H)

12) MJ dancing with "Elephant Man's" bones from LMA video (H)

13) Portrait of Mr. Big (H)

14) MJ holding gun from Smooth Criminal (V)

15) MJ in black suit from the beginning of Smooth Criminal (H)

16) MJ in the same suit as above with white overcoat (H)

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