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American Airlines 1st Class Menu Signed By Michael To Delisi Family (Dec. 1997 - USA)

American Airlines 1st Class Menu Signed By Michael To Delisi Family (Dec. 1997 - USA)

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Era: HIStory Era 
Release Type: Official 
Artist: Michael Jackson 
Year: 1997 
End Market: Promotional 
Country: USA 


This Menu is from the First Class of American Airlines company, during a flight from JFK airport(NYC) to LAX airport (LA). It reads: ' To Concetta Delisi and Joseph Delisi please feel Better Love always Michael Jackson'.

This is the story behind it from a nice of this old couple:

< On December 1997, my maternal grandparents, Joseph and Concetta Delisi, were on an American Airlines flight from JFK to LAX. sitting coach, they were visiting my family for Christmas.

A couple of hours into the flight, my grandma (literally) falls ill. what started as a stomach ache, ended with granny fainting and tumbling into the aisle. when she awakes, hovering above (next to my grandpa) and holding out his hand, Michael Jackson.

“Are you o.k.?” mj asked, in his delicate voice. He helps grandma up, and invites my grandparents to join him in first class. they accept. while grandma rests, grandpa enjoys first class service and chats it up with Jacko. they discuss family, food, and Italy (gramps favorite subjects.) .

Upon landing, michael offers to drive my grandparents from LAX to my folks house (in the valley.) once again, they accept.With grandma getting pushed through the airport in wheelchair, they make their way to MJ’s limo.

However, in an effort to dodge paparazzi, they’re forced to make three limo transfers by Jackson’s security. Once settled and on the 405N, Michael pops-in one of his favorite movies (at the time,) Men In Black. they watch it together.

Once they arrive at my childhood home, mom opens the front door to find my grandparents standing on the stoop, with Michael Jackson behind them (holding their bags.) Michael Jackson enters the house, puts the bags down, and stands in front of the Christmas tree.

He is enamored by its beauty and the “family spirit” in the home. My mom, in utter shock, FAILS to grab a camera to document the event, instead invites Michael Jackson back for a Christmas party. he politely declines, returns to his limo, and heads to Neverland Ranch. while a photograph was never taken, he left our family with an amazing memory, one that showed us Michael Jackson’s heart, soul, and genuine kindness. This is the first class menu he signed on the plane>>.

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nickzark  (Saturday, 09 April 2011)

Rating: 5

WOW.Great story.Very lucky

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