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1. Someone In The Dark Promo 7" Single (USA)
(View Collection/Michael Jackson (Epic))
Extremely rare WLP promo 45 issued with a picture sleeve, from the "E.T. Storybook." Due to a lawsuit filed by CBS, this record was never commercially released, although a few promotional copies are known ...
2. Michael Jackson Rarest & Promo Vinyl 7" Singles
(Home Page/Memorabilia Spotlight)
... back (shown left). Catalog number is #S45-1786 with A side being the “Long Version” and B side being the “Short Version” of “Someone In The Dark”. Due to the lawsuit, the release was quickly pulled, although ...
3. FAQ's
... S45-1786.  Just enter that into advanced search and there you go! Should the links not be clickable in your search results, simply rerun the same search by clicking the black “Search” button ...

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