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Captain EO Deluxe Press Kit (USA)

Captain EO Deluxe Press Kit (USA)

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Era: Captain EO 
Release Type: Official 
Year: 1986 
License: 1986 Walt Disney/Eastman Kodak 
Country: USA 


This kit comes in a black folder with purple "Captain EO" logo. 1986 Walt Disney/Eastman Kodak.



1) Six Black and white promo glossies: MJ with Fuzzball; MJ with dancers (V); MJ with dancers (H); Anjelica Houston as the Supreme Leader; MJ with Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, saluting; Hooter and the Geex. Each glossy contains a brief 2-3 sentence caption.

2) Intro sheet on "Captain EO" letterhead

3) "For Immediate Release: Michael Jackson Premiers in 'Captain EO': 3-D Musical Space Fantasy At Walt Disney World And Disneyland" (3 pgs.)

4) Captain EO: "Production Notes" (9 pgs.)

5) "'Imagineering' Captain EO" (2 pgs.)

6) "The Making Of 'Captain EO,' The Story Behind The Story" (4 pgs.)

7) Captain EO: "The Cast" (10 pgs.)

8) "Disneyland's New Magic Eye Theatre Adds Special Effects To The Show" (2 pgs.)

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