Destiny Song Writing Contract (1978)

Destiny Song Writing Contract (1978)

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Era: Jacksons/OTW Era 
Release Type: Official 
Artist: The Jacksons 
Year: 1978 
Publisher: Peacock Music Publishing Company 
Size: 14''x8 1/2 
Item#: 140 
End Market: Promotional 
Country: USA 


A standard songwriting contract between The Jacksons and Peacock Music (operated by Joe Jackson) signed on August 1, 1978. The contract is signed by Publisher: Joseph W. Jackson and Writers: Steven (Randy) Jackson, Michael Jackson, Tariano (Tito) Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Sigmund (Jackie) Jackson for the song "Destiny." The Jackson brothers shared equal writing credit for the song and would each receive 20 percent of royalties from the song after the publisher was paid.
14 by 8 1/2 inches.

Sold by Julien's Auctions (Lot #140) for $6,080 at their 2011 "Rock Legends" auction. All pictures and screen captures are the property of their respective owners.

Est. Value: $6,080
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