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Celebrating Michael's Legacy With L-O-V-E...Of MEMORABILIA!!
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Rarest MJ Merchandise...Now IN STOCK!!!

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Visit our MJJ Collectors Shop, our MJJ Collectors Facebook Page , our Mediafire Link (where you'll see more items) and our Ebay Store today to add these pieces of HIStory to YOUR collection!  

It's with great pleasure and excitement that MJJCollectors.com announces the acquisition of a HUGE inventory of some of the most sought after Michael Jackson merchandise and rarities on the planet! Many collectors have searched long and hard to find these rarities (and paid ridiculous prices too), but now is your chance to add some of these amazing pieces to YOUR Michael Jackson collection by visiting our Shop and Ebay Store today!!

Please note that due to time and space limitations, we won't be including a complete inventory of these items on our Michael Jackson Shop or our Ebay Store, so please email laura@mjjcollectors.com today, and see the bottom of this article for a current inventory of items now in stock!

Among the highlights of our inventory...

* A  collection of the sought after "Black Or White" magazines in both French (#1-32+2009 Tribute) and German (#1-28) versions, including all three of the amazing Collector Books!!! This is your chance to complete your collection, including the first five French edition issues which are the rarest and most sought after EVER (since printed in very limited quantities compared to later issues)! You can find some of these magazines for sale here on our Ebay Store and Shop, but due to time constraints and rising Ebay fees, we won't list them all "each by each", so email us with the numbers you miss to reserve your copies because supplies are limited!

Official In-Store Promo Display for HIStory CD or for MJ GlassesNow available exclusively in our Shop!

Ghosts Official Cannes Festival Giant Program A3 Sized With Glossy Pictures!! Now available exclusively in our Shop!

1999-2000 Official Calendar by Captain EO Productions! Now available exclusively in our Shop!

 HIStory Official Mini Figurine! Now available exclusively in our Shop!

These are just a few more of the hundreds of new items we have in stock, and they are all available and ready to ship NOW.  Most of these items cannot and will not be restocked...once they are gone they are GONE.  You can visit this link in our Facebook Page  or here on MediaFire to see more pictures of these amazing items!

Also be sure to check out our Ebay Store where you will find many exclusive and one of a kind gems such as this sought after 10th Anniversary Moonwalker Program (limited to just 5000 pieces) and many other exclusive rarities from the 70,s on...

And for you serious collectors out there, we have for sale this Wonderful Numbered Print, released in only 400 pieces all over the world , called 'Making History' signed by Michael in 2001, during MJ Day10 held by Adrian Grant . It was sold for charity purposes. This is nr. 27/400 . Also for sale: Artist Of The Decade released by MJJ Productions in 1990 in a limited series of only 1000 pieces around the world and hand signed by Michael himself. A true piece of memorabilia!  Inquire to get more info to laura@mjjcollectors.com!!!!! Apart from a place like Julien's Auctions (where you could pay signed and worn items at $35-75,000 or even more) you won't find something like this anywhere else in the world! And you can find many more signed items and drawings by Michael Jackson here on our FB Page or here on MediaFire!  


More Michael Jackson Stuff!

Most of the below items are not yet on our Shop, so email us today for details and pricing!

King Of Pop Book by Chris Cardell 

HIStory Official 1996 Tour Book (Europe) Now available exclusively in our Shop!

Ghosts Official Small Program (as the one inside Ghosts Box set) A5

Michael Jackson & Friends Official Concert T-Shirt (Sealed!)

HIStory Vol. 1 Korean VCD Brand New

Michael Jackson CDs:

Stranger In Moscow US 7 track CD (Sealed!) 49K 78013 

Blood On The Dancefloor Minimax Limited Red Silhouette 4 track CD

Stranger In Moscow UK  track CD #1 6 tracks with Red logo

The Best Of Michael Jackson: Anthology Commercial CD Album 2CD Box Set USA

See the bottom of this article for a complete list of MJ CDs currently in inventory!! Some of them are pictured on our FB Page here or here on MediaFire if you are not a member of our FB Group.

3T & MJ Related:

Why UK 4 track CD #1 catalog 663648-2 (Black Cover)

Why UK 4 track CD #2  catalog 663648-5 (Yellow cover)

J-Friends People Of The World – SRCL 4500 Japan 5 track CD produced and written by MJ

Do you collect on 3T or other Jacksons like Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, etc.? Please email us as we have an extensive inventory on many items for sale and trade including rare promo items like shirts, CDs, and memorabilia (only some of which are listed below)! 


Current Michael Jackson Inventory

Most of these items are brand new and SEALED! There are other items that we have not had a chance to list yet, so for full details, please email laura@mjjcollectors.com!

Michael & Jackson 5 CDs:

Michael Jackson CD5" Promo - "Blood on the Dance Floor" (US)
Michael Jackson CD5" Promo - "Blood on the Dance Floor" Remixes (US)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "Blood on the Dancefloor" Ltd Edition Minimax Red CD (UK)

Michael Jackson CD - "London Symphonic Orchestra Plays Michael Jackson" (UK)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "Stranger in Moscow" Remixes (US)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "Stranger in Moscow" #1 Red (UK)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "Stranger in Moscow" #2 Yellow (UK)
Michael Jackson 2CD - "MJ Anthology" (US)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "You are not alone" Remixes (UK)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "You are not alone" with German bonus medley (Germany)
Michael Jackson CD5" - "You are not alone" with Dutch bonus medley (Netherlands)

Jackson 5 CD - "Dancin' Machine / Moving Violation" (Japan)

Jackson 5 CD - "Maybe Tomorrow / Third Album" (Japan)

Jackson 5 CD - "Soul Source Jackson Five Remixes 2" (Japan)
Jackson 5 CD - "Soul Source Jackson Five Remixes" (Japan)
Jackson 5 CD - "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson Five / ABC" (Japan)

3T CD5" - "Why" (Limited Edition, only for fan-club members)
3T CD5" - "Why" #2 (UK)
3T CD5" - "Why" #1 (UK)

Other MJ Stuff!

Michael Jackson 1996 Official Mystery perfumes for men and women plus testers of both perfumes

Michael Jackson 1999-2000 Calendar (published by Captain Eo Productions)
Michael Jackson Press Kit for Black & White mag (folder with promo sheet + 1 mag)
Michael Jackson Official HIStory figurine by Pixi (France)
Michael Jackson Official CD Desk Clock (US)
Michael Jackson Blank Invitation for the unveiling of MJ's statue at Grévin Museum

Michael Jackson Promo leaflet (4 pages) - "Blood on the Dancefloor" (France)

Michael Jackson Book - Facts From The Dancefloor (UK)
Michael Jackson Book - King Of Pop (UK)
Michael Jackson Official In-Store Promo Display for HIStory CD for MJ Glasses
Michael Jackson Official In-Store Promo Display for MJ Glasses (made of wood)
Michael Jackson Official Sunglasses (1990)
Michael Jackson Black & White Fan-Club kit "Mid Knight" (armband, photos, card, pad…)
Michael Jackson Topps Trading Cards Single Pack Series #1 (1984) (US)
Michael Jackson Topps Trading Cards Single Pack Series #2 (1984) (US)
Michael Jackson Topps Trading Cards Uncut Sticker sheet (1984) (US)
Michael Jackson Official HIStory Tour Program
Michael Jackson Official Ghosts Program Small (A5)
Michael Jackson Official Ltd Edition Large Cannes Festival Ghosts Program
Michael Jackson Moonwalker 10th Anniversary Program Ltd edition (Captain Eo Prod)
Michael Jackson Official Thriller Songbook
Michael Jackson Official Sony France HIStory promo sticker label for letters and parcels
Michael Jackson T-Shirt - Official Michael Jackson & Friends concert in Munich (Germany)

Michael Jackson T-Shirt - Official Michael Jackson HIStory Tour T-Shirt (UK)
Michael Jackson VCD - HIStory Short Films (South Korea)
Michael Jackson VHS - Making of Thriller (UK)


Michael Jackson 12" Promo - "Blood on the Dance Floor" (US)
Michael Jackson 7" Jukebox - "Scream / Childhood" (France)
Michael Jackson 7" Jukebox - "Scream / Childhood" (US)
Michael Jackson 12" Promo - "Stranger in Moscow" #1 (US)
Michael Jackson 12" - "Stranger in Moscow" (US)
Michael Jackson 7" Jukebox - "Wanna be startin' something" (US)
Michael Jackson 7" Jukebox - "You are not alone" (US)
Michael Jackson 12" Promo - "You rock my world" (US)
Michael Jackson 12" Promo - "You are not alone" (Franky Knuckles Remix) (UK)
Michael Jackson 12" Promo - "You are not alone" (US)

Kenny Loggins LP - "Keep the fire" (US)

MJ Related CDs (With Michael as Producer, Background or with The Jacksons)

3T CD5" - "Gotta Be You" (UK Limited Edition)
3T CD5" - "Gotta Be You" (UK)
3T CD5" - "I need you" (Ltd Edition Christmas)
3T CD5" - "24/7" (UK Limited edition)
3T CD5" - "Anything" (US Promo)
3T CD5" - "Anything" (US)
3T CD - "Brotherhood" (Ltd Edition European Tour + Bonus CD)
3T CD5" - "Gotta Be You"
3T CD5" - "Tease me" (US)
3T / Tomoya CD3" - "Eternal Flame" (Japan)
Blackstreet CD - "Blackstreet" (US)
Brownstone CD MJJ MUSIC - "From the bottom up" (US)
Brownstone CD MJJ MUSIC - "Still climbing" (US)
Eddie Murphy CD - "Love's alright" (US)
J-Friends Limited Edition Frame (bonus with the purchase of the CD) (Japan)
J-Friends CD5" - "People of the World" (Japan)
Jason Bonham Band CD MJJ MUSIC - "When you see the sun" (US)
Larry Hart CD MJJ MUSIC - "Sisterella" (US)
Men of Vizion CD MJJ MUSIC - "MOV" (US)
Men of Vizion CD MJJ MUSIC - "Personnal" (US)
Michael Civista CD MJJ MUSIC - "A Collection of Great Standards"
Minnie Ripperton CD -Best of" Inc: "I'm in love again" (Japan)
Trippin' CD MJJ MUSIC - "Trippin' - Soundtrack" (US)
Nathan Cavaleri Band CD MJJ MUSIC - "Nathan" (US)
No Authority CD MJJ MUSIC - "Keep on" (US)
Paul McCartney CD - "Pipes of peace" (US)
Quo CD MJJ MUSIC - "Quo" (US)
Rebbie Jackson CD - "Collection" (Best Of) (US)
Rebbie Jackson CD MJJ MUSIC - "Yours faithfully" (US)
Stevie Wonder CD - "Characters" (US)
The Jacksons CD - "Destiny" (US)
The Jacksons CD - "Victory" (US)
The Simpsons CD - "The Simpsons : Songs in the Key of Springfield" (US)
The Simpsons CD - "The Simpsons sing the blues" (US)

Special thanks to Chris Cadman for all of his friendship and support over the years.  Order his amazing new book Michael Jackson The Maestro here! http://www.michaeljacksonthemaestro.com/  


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