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Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection For Sale
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TOPIC: Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection For Sale
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Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection For Sale 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0
For sale my private Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection (Manchester - England)

My items have been collected over many years many rare and limited editions etc. Items are available separately as well as the whole collection.

Please respond to this post if interested.

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Re: Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection For Sale 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 16
List updated:


1. ten-g (as seller) or molotovuk (as buyer) on ebay. His name is Dmitry and comes from Moscow, Russia. He sells bootlegs such as Say Say Say so-called Rare Promo Russian CD, which is handmade , so other CDs he sells on ebay.Many members in our group have been scammed by him as ten-g and he is very rude in replies; if you want to ask him questions on some items and you have doubts on certain ones, he will attack you very badly. As buyer, he scammed us personally of $205.00 opening a claim on Pay Pal after almost 6 months (yes unfortunately Pay Pal allows buyers to file complaints up to 180 days!) , claiming he didn't have receive his parcel , when he wrote us he received it on September 11, 2015 and was happy about that. Also the Russian official site has evidence of this and that the parcel was delivered , but he won anyway and he stole our money . Of course, we will report this to US and Russian authorities, but in the meantime be careful as this is a huge scammer. He thinks we're jealous of him, and we attack him, but we're not jealous of anyone as honest people can sell what they want and we're not so powerful to prevent someone from selling on ebay or anywhere else. But we try to help other fans when they face scammers and bootlegers like this one.

2. brazilcds (user on Ebay) this seller opened 3-4 accounts that were suspended but he always finds a way to be there again. He sells fake acetates NEVER PRODUCED BY SONY BRAZIL but they're hand made by him. Brazil usually doesn't do promo 'acetates' . So Watch Out !!!
3. popmusic3 (user on Ebay) This seller lists FAKE BOOTLEGS PROMO: DANGEROUS SOUVENIR PROMO MALAYSIAN CD, TASTE OF INVINCIBLE US PROMO CD, DANGEROUS PEPSI JAPAN PROMO CD and they are ALL HAND-MADE AND FAKE!!! She has also a blog so be careful of not being trapped here too: thepopicon.blogspot.it/2011/08/pepsi-dangerous-world-tour-promo-14.html
4. raritiesbrazil (user on Ebay) Another Brazilian scammer who sold fake brazilian Sony 'acetate' cds of Hold my Hand, Hollywood Tonight, Thriller etc.. ALL FAKE AND HAND MADE BY THIS SELLER OR WHO KNOWS...
5. michaelthekingforever (Ebay user) Please, be CAREFUL OF THIS SCAMMER! She opened many many accounts ( we know at least 10 so far) but the newest one is the one above. She is from Portugal and is called Maria or Sandra ; she continuosly sells the same items, claiming she needs money for her sick daugther. Always the same bs to scam people and push them to send bank wiring. Many of our friends have been ripped off by this person. We reported her to the Estate, Ebay etc.. but they didn't do anything so far, so we need to open our eyes and ears very well !
6. jayster321 (Ebay User) He is from Canada. According to 3 reliable friends on our group, this guy screwed up them and many other people, selling fake worn items, awards, and signed items. sending them also false Certificates of Authenticity.
7. jackyomg (Ebay user) he sells and claims he has Signature Series Promo CD, Heal The World Promo CD from Japan, Black & White Japanese Promo CD , Dangerous Promo Japan CD and other rare ones, but he presumably NEVER sent anything to some members of our Facebook group and many lost their money as they sent it by Western Union or Money Gram. His name is Sivanathan
8. Lisa from the UK This blonde woman, who appears always semi-naked on Facebook and who's probably a fake identity there too, has presumably cheated many members of our group, regarding MJ Billie Jean Hot Toys Doll, Opus , Liberian Girl Star Mobile pack and other rare records. She Never sends the items paid and disappears after a while. So be careful not to send her money in any case. Neither with Pay Pal.
9. downlawn (Ebay user) This person sells ONLY fake awards. He's making money for something that it's Not RIIA nor official awards, so be careful of not bidding nor buying his awards if you search for the real ones.
10. musicstars2009 (Ebay user) He sells fake acetate CDs. He claims he's got these Billie Jean acetate CDs from Sony Studios , but they were Never made by Sony Studios, so a real rip off.
11. luckylarryspromoshack (Ebay User) He sells ALL fake 'A Place With No Name' , 'Loving You' and 'Love Never Felt So Good' UK Promo CDs, They are 100% FAKE! The sticker on the back doesn't prove anything, as it's a matter of 2 nano seconds to print one.(another example of how feedbacks sometimes don't proof anything). He has fake Michael's Cds, he claims as promo Cds, but they are hand made in his home. So
12. jolajeph this seller who has only positive feedbacks is another scammer don't waste your money with this garbage.
PLEASE WATCH OUT AND REPORT ALL SCAMMERS TO US, EBAY, The MJ Estate and Police of your area (even FBI for internet frauds, there's a link on official FBI site) IF AND WHEN THEY CONTACT YOU AND TRY TO STEAL YOUR MONEY.
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Re: Michael Jackson Memorabilia Collection For Sale 3 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0
Hi....I am a genuine MJ Fan and just wanting to sell some of my Collection. Thought this site would be a good place to find other genuine Fans to sell to. I will watch out for scams. Thanks
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